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Shapely Mercedes-Benz CLS arrives in Paris

Shapely Mercedes-Benz CLS arrives in Paris

Shapely Mercedes-Benz CLS arrives in Paris

Mercedes-Benz finally debuted the replacement for its original four-door coupe, the CLS, at the Paris Motor Show.
Set to be unveiled to the public later this year at the Paris Motor Show, the 2012 CLS-Class is a significant update of the automaker’s original four-door coupe.
More aggressive both front and rear, the CLS is considerably more styled than its rather understated predecessor as Mercedes-Benz continues to hone the modern four-door coupe segment it essentially invented.
From the rear, we can easily see the automaker’s Bentley-esque rear “hips” that take the E-Class sedan’s look to a whole new level. A much flashier pair of tailights are easy to see as well. Up front Mercedes-Benz opted for full LED headlamps, the world’s first to offer the full range of turn signals, running lamps, low and high-beam functions purely from LEDs.
Inside, the 2012 CLS gains a more wrap-around-style dashboard with more innovative and upscale materials before. Matte galvanized trim surrounds the air vents, while hand-sewn leather wraps the dashboard.
Although Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed how the next CLS will look, the automaker’s representatives tell Leftlane that we will have to wait intil the Paris Motor show for the full specifications to become official.
Motivation for this new CLS is expected to come from a wide range of gas and diesel motors, as well as a BlueHybrid model that will use the same hybrid system as the S400 BlueHybrid. One engine that has been confirmed is a new twin-turbocharged 4.6-liter V8, good for 435 horsepower and 513 lb-ft. of torque. Expect an AMG variant sporting the Bi-turbo 5.5-liter V8 to come in the relatively near future – boasting 563 horsepower and 66

Source: leftlanenews

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